Máy bắt tay sách P12

Máy bắt tay sách tự động Smyth P12

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Vk1oKJ40NE

SMYTH MOD. P12 – Gathering machine

1.Patented Smyth design to load up (2) different signatures in sequential order in one station

2.Single use up to 640 mm or double use up to 320 mm (spine size) of each single gathering station

3.Extraordinary compact design to make easy the loading/unloading operations performed by the operator

4.Thanks its modular design is possible, at any time, to add further gathering stations

5.Self-learning procedure at the beginning of the working cycle and during the production without stopping the machine

6.Automatic set-up managed via 7” Touch Screen monitors installed on each 3 stations module

7.FREE Remote Technical Assistance for fast, reliable and efficient support.

8.Designed to be connected in line to the Smyth 4D automatic book sewing machines models (even later)